Circus Soup | Being Healthy can be Fun!




is an animation show created by a Hollywood writer with input from health care professionals that seeks to combat childhood obesity by educating kids and parents about healthy foods and healthy life style choices. Each Circus Soup episode, funded by grants and donations, will incorporate education, humor, and fun in 3-5 minute videos. Each episode will also offer questions that parents and kids may answer, under the direction of key stakeholders, which will allow us to track and aggregate behavior change with our technology platform.

The Circus Soup model also will provide research opportunities. Within the context of the show characters and the show equities, we will create specific show scripts and episodes at the direction of thought leaders to test and validate insights about kids’ decision making relative to food.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating to support our cause, publishing Circus Soup episodes, research collaboration opportunities, or to learn more about our model to find solutions to childhood obesity.



Check out the trailer for Circus Soup!

Mindless Mystery, the first Circus Soup episode, will be available ASAP.

Nutritional Theme: Sedentary Lifestyle leads to mindless eating