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Circus Soup Team

In addition to registered dieticians, a pediatrician and other health care professionals, the Circus Soup Team is as follows:

Evan GoreEvan-gore

Show Creator & Episode Writer.
Favorite food: Beans and Nuts

Early on in my career, I focused my love of comedy writing to the specialty of writing kids cartoons. I love the joyful ways in which you can tell a sometimes lunatic story, when your pallet is animation and your audience is kids. They’ll go anywhere you take them, and they’ll stay until the end. As fickle and impatient as kids are, if they buy in, they’re more attentive and loyal than any adult viewer. When I met the team behind “Circus Soup,” they had a passion, which I shared for helping solve the thorny problems of kids’ nutrition. As a father of school-age children myself, I know well the uphill battle parents face trying to keep their kids’ bodies nourished and their minds alert. While a cartoon can’t solve the problems of the world, a good funny cartoon can grab the attention of a kid, and land an idea with them. The TV landscape is full of kids edutainment offerings like “Curious George” with an exploratory science curriculum, “Go Diego Go” with an animal education curriculum—but no kids comedy tackling the agenda of healthy eating as directly as “Circus Soup” aspires to. If the characters are relatable, if the story is resonant, the ideas will stick in kids’ memories. I am excited to tell the stories of “Circus Soup,” to encourage healthy eating habits in kids, plus an understanding and respect for basic nutritional concepts. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

Jay FriedmannJay_Allan_Friedmann

Co-founder, Art Director & Character creator.
Favorite food: Sushi and Avocado

When the epidemic of obesity gained front page status I asked myself why was this happening. As did so many others, I looked to understand what the root causes were. This epidemic was and is universal effecting people from Los Angeles to Beijing. I came to the conclusion that it was the many institutionalized policies regarding diet and nutrition that were causing this crisis. With key stakeholders placing profit before people’s health the obesity epidemic was inevitable. Of course children would be the ones who would be most adversely affected. Circus Soup is a tool to help get parents and children on the road to better health through diet and lifestyle choices. I believe that projects like Circus Soap can bring positive benefits to individuals by exposing them to this message at an early age when accurate information can be most effective. Circus Soup can provide a foil against all of the negative information and advertising that overwhelms parents and kids.

Michael WheelerMike1

Co-founder, Marketing & Business Strategist.
Favorite food: Kale and Spinach

I have had the privilege of working on numerous businesses and brands in my career, trying passionately to offer product and service solutions to meet unique consumer needs and offer value. I believe Circus Soup is a unique platform to transform the way parents and kids learn about food and healthy lifestyle choices–i.e. add value. However, this transformation cannot occur without collaborations with key stakeholders. This is the key challenge for Circus Soup and how its success will be measured. I look forward to engaging during this journey with all like-minded stakeholders and affecting measurable change.