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Circus Soup

Circus Soup Show Overview:

prestonThe show targets children ages five to nine years old. Preston “Benchpresson,” a teenage circus Strongman, and T-can, “The Human Trashcan,” are best friends, total opposites, and always getting into trouble. Like a modern-day Laurel & Hardy or Abbot & Costello, this comedy duo’s needs are simple: Preston wants to lead a good life, and T-can wants to live an easy life. Preston is innocent, and wants everyone to be happy, helpful, and healthy. T-Can is street smart, and wants to be rich, well fed, and waited on. They are inseparable friends. T-Can is the brains, Preston is the heart, the muscle, and the conscience. Preston needs T-Can’s leadership, while T-Can needs Preston’s friendship.

The two are constantly getting fired and rehired.

ritaAt the circus the boys have a friend from the side show,“Signorita Rita Bonita,” the world’s 38th most beautiful girl. The boys are both friends with her, and could occasionally vie for her attention. Rita is a semi-regular character, she’s “cool,” easy going, and a voice of reason when the boys need it. She speaks Spanish and English fluently, has a sophisticated palette, and is open-minded and balanced about food. Signorita is the one responsible for introducing new foods, say on “Thai night” or “Sushi night” at the circus!

Their boss, Ringmaster Smiley NcTeeth, is a hot-tempered, short-fused taskmaster. The pair often finds themselves away from the S.N. Ringmaster’s Amazing Driving Circus, roaming the city streets for an odd job or a good meal. Preston likes the circus life, except for the food, which is a lot of cotton candy, fried dough and “Stuff On A Stick.” T-can likes the circus because it’s an easy life for him. Whether on the street or at the circus, this odd couple always sticks together, usually dragging the other somewhere they wouldn’t go by themselves.

cheese for brainsWherever the Ringmaster goes, he is followed by a band of clowns never out of costume. These are not happy clowns, but thug clowns, henchmen and buffoons who all answer to the same name, “Cheese for Brains.” Not only do they act like bumbling keystone cops when trying to get Preston and T-can back to work at the circus, but they act as the models of what not to eat. They live on and love all the unhealthy foods our hero is on the run from.

The Show’s Secret Sauce

T-CanIn this series of 5-11 minute shows, Preston and T-Can will have to make decisions about food choices, sometimes paying the funny consequences of unhealthy choices, other times reaping the benefits of a healthy choice. Typically, Preston, who likes healthy food and healthy lifestyles, will face peer pressure from T-Can, the kid who eats everything.

Emphasizing entertainment over being preachy or teachy, “Preston & T-Can” will point the way to healthy eating behaviors in a funny way kids will find absorbing and will provide parents needed help for discussing food choices, habits and health.

Mindless Mystery, the first Circus Soup episode, will be available ASAP.

Nutritional Theme: Sedentary Lifestyle leads to mindless eating